Chamber Of Beauty Reviews BBLUNT's Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray

Our #ManeGirl Rakhshanda Rizvi from Chamber Of Beauty reviewed BBLUNT's Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray. See what she has to say! A few days back I had posted about the haircare products that I received from BBLUNT. The products are all in accordance to my normal/dry & not-too-voluminous hair. Many readers asked me to review the Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray first. I can understand why they requested that because hair sprays are such an easy option to go for if you want voluminous hair in seconds. But there are hardly a few which live up to their claim. I was really excited to give this hairspray a go & after using it 3-4 times, I'm ready to share my experience with you all! What company says... If big hair is your thing, may we introduce you to your new best friend. This volumizing spray gives you incredible fullness and bounce, that lasts. Go big with confidence. BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray-review, price in India, Indian Beauty blogger, Chamber of Beauty Packaging BBLUNT Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray comes in an exquisite yellow colored bottle. The bottle is very stylish in shape with the name written in black and turquoise letters. Below the name, you can see a dryer illustration that makes the packaging more unique and beautiful. The lid of the bottle has a spray nozzle attached to it. The nozzle has a removable cap that protects it and makes the packaging more safe and secure for travelling. Totally loving this beautiful and convenient packaging. BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray-review, price in India, Indian Beauty blogger, Chamber of Beauty The spray has a mild, pleasant and fresh fragrance. The consistency is a clear liquid. It's not greasy but has some stickiness that is present in all kind of hair sprays. Application & Effect BBlunt Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray-review, price in India, Indian Beauty blogger, Chamber of Beauty Now, coming on to the actual thing for which you are waiting for, its effect. I must say that BBlunt Volumizing Leave-In Hair Spray works amazingly on my hair. My hair is silky and fine lacking the desired volume. When I used it for the first time, I sprayed it on my towel dried hair, focusing on the roots and all over the parts that I wanted to blow dry. I was pleasantly surprised to see the effect I got after the blow dry. It gave me a soft, fuller and frizz-free bouncy hair that I never obtained with any other hair spray. The best part of this spray that I noticed after my first use is that the volume doesn't go very soon, it stays for the whole day. I get many compliments from my friends and kids whenever I use this spray on my hair. I really love it. Good points: Beautiful and travel-friendly packaging Has a mild fresh smell Not greasy Works amazingly Gives good volumes to the hair and makes it soft Long lasting Bad points: An attached cap with the spray nozzle would have been better Finally... I must say that finally I got a fantastic hair spray for which I was looking for. My hair is normally silky and soft by texture, the only thing that I always miss in my hair is the lack of volume. I have used many hair sprays for it but never got a satisfactory result. Some hair sprays gave some bounce to my hair but made it oily. BBlunt Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray not only gives them a great volume but also leaves a soft and dry effect. I don't notice greasiness on my hair after using it. The effect lasts for almost the entire day & that's wonderful. Totally in love with BBlunt Volumizing Leave-in Hair Spray and highly recommended. Price: Rs. 550 Availability: Available online & in any BBLUNT Salon outlet Cob Rating: 4.8/5 Check out the article here.
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