4 Cocktail Hairstyles For The Wedding Season

Bring out the chignon buns and champagne glasses because the wedding season is here! Got all your cocktail parties lined up this fall? Well, girl, It’s time for you to clean up your act and spruce up your look. Calm down now, we will show you how to pull off that air of elegance this wedding season. Take a look at the 4 cocktail hairstyles for weddings that you simply must try! 4 Cocktail Hairstyles For The Wedding Season bun hairstyle with bangs Courtesy: Goodhousekeeping.com 1. Teased Chignon With Bangs Add bangs to your face to soften your look, and get that extra volume on top by teasing back your hair. This cocktail hairstyle is great for highlighting your eyes, pair it with a lacy, light-coloured dress and trust us when we say that all eyes will be glued to you tonight. Finish up with BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish For Instant Shine for a truly glossy finish. neat braided bun hairstyle with low back evening gown Courtesy: Goodhousekeeping.com 2. Braided Bun Set off that low-back evening gown with this sky-high, voluminous bun and you are in for a sizzling night. Wrap a thin braid around your bun to jazz up this cocktail hairstyle. Before styling, prep your long mane with the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray to get all that beautiful volume. finger waves with gown for vintage look Courtesy: Goodhousekeeping.com 3. Finger Waves This wedding season, slay them all with your vintage charm! Bring back the 20’s with these elegant finger waves. Before you start creating these finger waves, be sure to protect your hair against any heat-styling damage with some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum. pixie haircut for short hair with gown Courtesy: instyle.com 4. A Neat Pixie Raise your short hair goals this wedding season with this adorable cocktail hairstyle for short hair. To really ace this neat pixie look, try the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz leave-In Cream to kiss any flyaways goodbye. Ready to create these awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping cocktail hairstyles? Then, get these top hair-styling products to Rumble With Style This Wedding Season.
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