Cocktail Parties & Wedding Looks With Maia Sethna & BBLUNT

Check out Maia Sethna's cocktail & wedding party looks with BBLUNT!

It's the season of never-ending weddings and cocktail parties. ✨✨✨With every party invite comes the pressure of looking our most glamourous selves. For times like these, there are a few DIY hairstyles I swear by. I'm going to show you a series of 2 cocktail party looks. Here's the first one - the Bouffant - and how to get it:

1. Bouffants are all about the volume & fullness. To achieve that, I used the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray @bbluntindia by flipping my damp hair upside down, and spraying evenly on roots. This spray gives my hair incredible bounce & volume that lasts long.

2. Then I back-combed the crown section of my dry hair using a regular hairbrush to create a lift. I made sure I left my side-swept bangs out, as these bangs compliment my face frame.

3. I simple pulled the teased hair up together and secured them in place using a clip.
This is an ultimate no-fail cocktail party look that oozes with elegance and so much femininity. I'm now ready to hop into my attire for the night & my hair looks like I’ve just been to a salon!

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