Coffee Hair Colours To Flaunt On World Coffee Day

Nothing enhances one’s appearance more than a gorgeous hairdo. For some, it is a pop of colour, for others a fresh cut that gives ‘em that perfect flip. It’s time you too take a fresh breath of fashion and reinvent your look with an on-trend hair style. And we’re here to help!
If you love your morning cup of coffee, there’s more joy coming your way. BBLUNT’S range of salon secret hair colours translating the many hues of coffee into drop-dead looks that will leave a mark in every room. Warm browns are widely popular for bringing out the best in Indian skin and features. This collection is a thoughtful compilation of stunning shades of brown that check all the boxes your hair needs.


  1. Honey Light Brown

The most common hair colour out of all honey light brown light brown hair color is a brunette color that’s a shade lighter than medium brown and a shade darker than an ash blonde. It’s not too dark, not too light, but just right. Today’s celebrities are a big source of this warm brunette color trend. Always wanted to go down the blonde hair route but found salon appointments a bit over budget? Get this trending hair colour for your mane makeover at a mere price of Rs.185 with the help of the  . All in the comfort of your home! With this hair colour idea, you can get a gorgeous hair makeover.

  1. Coffee Natural Brown

You're never going to hear the word "mousy" in front of "brown" again. It may be the most common hair color, but these celebrities prove brunette hair is anything but boring with highlightsombré styles, and more. You can opt for and give your hair make over at the comfort of your home.

  1. Brown Hair Colour

The most common hair colour shades of all the one and only brown! We mean, nobody can go wrong with brown right? It’s perfect on point natural shade which anybody can flaunt. If you have dark black hair and bored with it? Brown is the safest option to play with. Did you know? BBLUNT’s Salon Secret range of hair colours is enriched with silk proteins. The rich, creamy and melting chocolate is not only our comfort food but also the perfect hair colour shade to don. Many celebs have been spotted in the chocolate brown hair colour shade time and again. Among all the other hair colour ideas, this one is the perfect shade to go for if you want to be in your comfort zone and not get all whacky with your mane.


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