Colour Your Hair Saiyami’s Way

The newbie in tinsel town, Saiyami Kher has made a name in Bollywood and not just for her movie, but also for her cool outfits and gorgeous hair. Her crowning glory is a breath of fresh air and we are here to show you just how to achieve those beautiful wine coloured locks!

Step 1:  Prep Up

Get your hands on the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour In Wine, Deep Burgundy and put on the gloves that come in the pack.

Step 2:  Mix It Up

Taking a non-metallic bowl, squeeze the tubes marked as Colourant, Developer, and Shine Tonic into it. Using a tinting brush, mix the contents until it is creamy and smooth.

Step 3:  Go For It

Apply the mixture immediately to your hair with a tinting brush and leave it for 30 minutes. This ammonia-free hair colour which is specially created for Indian mane will last for up to 8 weeks.

Step 4:  Wash It Off

Use your favourite BBLUNT Shampoo and Conditioner, and shampoo your hair as usual. There, you are ready to show off that shiny luscious hair! Saiyami isn’t the only one in love with this colour! Find out who else loves this by reading BBLUNT Salon Secret Wine Hair Colour Review
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