4 Common Hair Questions Answered

The answers to your common questions are right below! We all have those doubts about choosing the right colour, making sure it won’t fade and getting that kickass volume! You can now keep those doubts at bay, ‘cause we’ve got some solutions. 4 Common Hair Questions Answered 1. Should You Keep Changing Your Shampoo and Conditioner Regularly? If you are not satisfied with the current product choice, then make the change ladies! As such, there isn’t any rule that you need to stick by your shampoo for just a few months. Changing your shampoo to a different product will give you different results based on the ingredients. If you are dreaming about smoother hair, try a hydrating shampoo on your mane. Ladies, if you love your current shampoo and it’s working for you, there’s no need to change it at all! 2. How Can I Pick A Natural Hair Colour? Always match the colour to your eyebrows. Your brows are your colour guides to what looks natural and helps you decide the complimentary base colour that would suit you. Even if you are going grey this brow fact will work, since our brows typically never get grey like our mane, amen for that! 3. What Is The Easiest Way To Get Volume? You would think volume products would help? But the result is short-lived. To get that long lasting voluminous look, go for the right haircut. The perfect layers create that bounce and fun. You need layers to add movement and definition for that texture and look. With a haircut like this, you won’t need to rely on volumizing products anymore. When you do apply that product on your hair, it should only be put on hair that’s 75% dry! 4. How Can I Stop My Hair Colour From Fading? The key is prepping your hair perfectly before you colour it. Wash your hair thoroughly with clarifying shampoo to get rid of the unwanted dirt and grease. Wait for 72 hours before you wash it again. Washing your hair too early will ultimately cause the colour to fade faster.
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