4 Hairstyling Mistakes Guys Make

It’s a known fact that people learn from their mistakes. Well, according to at least 90% of the women in the world, men never learn from their mistakes! There are a few things men still have to learn regarding their hair. We mean the hairstyle that looked good on you when you were 15 is probably not going to look as good now, and let’s face it the man bun does not suit everyone. Trust us! There’s always going to be some woman out there who is going to insult your haircut or hairstyle! Even your own ‘bro’ would call you out on a silly pony tail that you’re trying but doesn’t suit you. So boys, it’s time you actually prove that “Men don’t learn from their mistakes”, is in fact just a myth. 4 Hairstyling Mistakes Guys Make
  1. Repeating bad haircuts We understand that you prefer the barber you’ve been going to since you were little, but sometimes change is good. Especially, when the haircut you had as a 14-year old teenager would definitely not suit you now. Go out and explore other salons! Get a stylist that understands your needs and gives you a hairstyle that matches your personality as well as your age.
  2. Not applying product properly Applying product isn’t as easy as it seems. To get the most out of your hair wax, paste or gel, you need to know how to apply it properly rather than just messing your hair around. Work in the product from the roots till the tips and tease the ends of your strands between your thumb & forefinger. Put the pro in product and learn how to use styling products effectively for better styled hair.
  3. Washing hair way too much Avoid washing your hair too often. Thrice a week would be enough, rather than every day as you could dry it out and make it thinner. However, wash your hair enough to keep it clean and healthy.
  4. Taking it overboard with the products If you’re a single guy or someone who loves the chase – be aware that women do not chase guys who spend more time on their hair than them! Don’t make hair products an obsession. As much as the waxes, pastes and gels are a man’s best friend, use them in control and keep it natural. You wouldn’t want your hair to be as stiff as your competition!
We hope you learn from these mistakes and take it up a notch on your hair game!
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