Confessions Of A Curl

Waking up from bed, I’m untamed and unkempt, She brushes me out but she never hears me when I painfully shout, But no, I won’t whine because she sometimes rewards me, A quick wash and a shower that’s all I need to make me a bit happy, but as we all know all good things come to an end, That sudden blast of hot air, it’s something I cannot defend, As I look at myself in the mirror, feeling lucky to not take the fall, “Oh you stupid curly hair, I wish I didn’t have you at all” She curses us curls, almost daily without fail, and quickly scrunches us up into an unruly ponytail. It’s hard to live my life as a constantly cursed curl, But the hard part starts now, when she steps out into the world. I would call him my nemesis, just not my cup of tea, constantly trying to make me look bad, my worst nightmare Humidity. Teasing me constantly along with his friend frizz, I never get the chance to be who I truly am, always some distorted version because of things that stand in my way, I wish I could reveal all these secrets that I have inside, Instead of being pulled back and hidden, I want pride all I need is an ally, a friend, or something that wants me to shine brightly, Something that understands, embraces and who can define me.
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