Confessions Of A Hair Stylist

Ever wonder what your hairstylist is really thinking when he or she's elbow deep in your locks? Sure you could be very good with hair tips but there’s a lot more than your stylist wish you knew! Here are some confessions you need to take a look at. Confessions Of A Hair Stylist

1. No Expectations Yes, we all love shiny, smooth and sun-kissed locks, but even if your stylist can match a celebrities’ colour and cut, he or she will not be able to give you access to the team of professionals that can fix hair available to the rich and famous! Bringing pictures is great, however, if you are expecting carbon copy locks, you may leave a bit disappointed!

2. Hair Products Your stylist stocks products that he believes works well for your hair. Drugstore products will not give the same look as specialized products would. Your stylist can tell you exactly what can work for your hair type and scalp, so always consider his advice.

3. They Aren’t Mind Readers Hairstylists are not mind readers. They don’t know what exactly ‘little bit’ means. So, make sure you are clearer with your words to help them nail your dream look.

4. Getting To Know You A professional hairstylist knows how to steer a conversation, so don’t worry about breaking the ice but too much information about your personal life is a huge no-no.

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