Confessions Of A Hairstylist – What Goes On Behind The Chair

Hairstyling is an art, and we, we’re the mere artists. Every customer we get isn’t just a customer. When you’re a hairstylist, every customer is your muse, your inspiration, your canvas! If you like experimenting and trying out new things, we’re pretty sure hairstyling is your calling. Everyone knows what goes on in the head of someone changing their look or someone getting a new haircut but knowing what goes on behind the one giving you the new look is hard to decipher! Read on to find out what goes on behind the chair. Confessions Of A Hairstylist – What Goes On Behind The Chair

1. Different is always good Hairstylists crave customers who say ‘we want something different’! The same hairstyle time and again gets a bit boring for us. Customers who are willing to experiment and go from braids to pixies to bobs – those are our favourite!

2. Trying the new trend is our thing Before anyone else gets to it, stylists love to try out the new trends! As soon as we hear of any new trends in town, you’ll probably see us sporting it the next day. It’s also a good way to showcase the new trend and get our customers to try it out!

3. Chair talk is care talk If you want to know what’s best for your hair, say it in the chair! Not when you stand up to check out your new look or when you’re paying the cashier, only in the chair. Stylists generally answer all your questions and tell you what’s good for your hair while you’re sitting in their chair. Once you’re out, it’s done!

4. We’re quite protective of our scissors Yes, you see us carrying our tool kit around, and we guard that with our life! Our scissors are probably more important to us than anything in the world! Just like Harry Potter had a wand tailor-made for him, our tools our tailor-made for us.

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