Cool Hairdos To Slay The Summer

Summer is finally here and so are the super cool hairdos to beat the heat! What’s your summer hairstyle? If you don’t have one, we’ve decoded these cool hairdos for you to slay the summer. Cool Hairdos To Slay The Summer!

1. Half Ponytail Look Rocked by Karisma Kapoor

Karisma Kapoor looks youthful and beautiful in this perfectly casual hairdo. This is a Half Pony Tail Look which is one of the best looks, considering the summer heat. All you have to do to get this hairstyle is prep your hair with and tie the upper portion of hair into a ponytail. You can use a stylish hair tie to accentuate the look! Keep It Straight Like Yami Gautam

2. Keep It Straight Like Yami Gautam

Yami Gautam is one of the most beautiful actresses we have today. In this picture, she was spotted on a regular day wearing this gorgeous outfit that perfectly matches her shoes, along with a simple yet classy hairdo. If you want to get this look too, use which will add that beautiful shine to your hair and make you look stunning wherever you go! Side Partitioned Look Like Kiara Advani

3. Side Partitioned Look Like Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani pretty much slays in everything she wears and everything she does. In this recent appearance at an event, she was spotted wearing this super casual outfit, and to complement the same, her hair was done up in the simplest way possible. To sport this hairdo on your next outing this summer, wash your hair with to cleanse your hair properly. Next, apply some to give you that extra volume just like Kiara! Alia Bhatt Ponytail Hairstyle

4. Alia Bhatt Ponytail Hairstyle

Alia Bhatt is a pleasure to watch, isn’t she? Be it her outfits, hairdos or acting, she leaves us with no words. Her style game is always on point and we’re lovin’ it! This perfect ponytail look is paired with a classic white maxi dress, has left everyone in awe! If you’re looking to get this style just like Alia Bhatt, follow us! Use the to smoothen your strands and get rid of that excess frizz. You can use a little heat on your hair, if you want to make the ponytail wavy like Bhatt’s. Use your straightener towards the ends of your hair to create light waves. Once done, gather your hair into a low ponytail and tie it with a hair tie of your choice. Hold on! We aren’t done yet, finish off the look with the to get that glorious shine to your hair! Keep It Casual Like Rani Mukherjee

5. Keep It Casual Like Rani Mukherjee

Rani Mukherjee is one of finest actors that Bollywood is gifted with. At the same time, she is also known for her bold expression of opinions, taking a stand for the things she believes in, and choosing her comfort over everything else, just like she did in this picture! Rani was recently spotted at the airport sporting this loose casual bun. If you like to keep your hair tied to prevent any hassle, you can definitely try this one out. Condition your hair with that will help strengthen your hair. After your hair has dried, add a bit of serum to your ends and tie your hair in a casual loose bun. That’s it, you’re ready! Still not found what you’re looking for? Check out these Five Women who have inspired us with their style. to get some hair inspiration for your next look!
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