Crazy Indian Wedding's Review Of One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour

Crazy Indian Wedding reviewed the Blue Velvet shade of BBLUNT's One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour. Check out the review below! I have been waiting so long for a temporary hair color solution, and finally this seems the answer to all my prayers! These are called 'One Night Stand' for the simple reason that they stay on for like a day or two and wash off with one wash. I absolutely love the blue one! Although its not VERY deep in sense of coloring, you kind off have to spray a lot to get like a blue-blue color, it does however gives you a nice shade of blue when the light hits your hair right! hc 3 How to use : 1. Shake can well before use. 2. Apply to dry styled hair. 3. Isolate the section you want to colour. 4. Hold can six inches away from the hair and spray evenly on the desired area. 5. Leave to dry. 6. Brush out excess if required. hc 4 Don't forget to wear protective gear to prevent colour from staining hands & clothes!! Its also available in Blue, Green, Bronze and Copper. Check out the article here.
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