Creative Christmas Party Hairstyles

‘Tis the season of being joyful and merry and who doesn’t love Christmas! We all want to be on top of our game during this party season, after all, how else will we flood our Instagram feeds with pictures? While we sort out our shoes and outfits, the one thing that we tend to often ignore is our crowning glory, our hair! A smashing hairstyle can lift up even a dull outfit while shabby hair can make the most fab outfit look drab. So do not ignore your mane otherwise it can spoil your A-game. Get ready to make heads turn by trying these stunning hairstyles!
Amped Up Ponytail Courtesy: Pinterest| @honestlywtf

1. Amped Up Ponytail

Ponytails are the most hassle-free yet glamorous hairstyle which every girl loves. It is also the perfect hairdo to don when you want to run from work to a night event. All you need to do is add accessories to accentuate the look of a simple ponytail. Low or high, this is the best hairstyle for all the lazy girls out there! Sleek it up or add more volume with Add the final cherry by adding a ribbon to it. Simple yet elegant, don’t you think?
top knot hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @nushratbharucha

2. Chic Top-Knot

When you want to look elegant and have a gala to tend to, look no further than the chic top knot hairstyle. All you need to do is prep your hair with the so that you have smooth and manageable hair to work with. Next, you need to collect all your hair at the top as if you are going to tie a ponytail. Then gently wrap the hair around in the shape of a doughnut. Secure with some bobby pins. Tame away all the flyways for a neat and sleek bun.
Hollywood waves hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @bhumipadnekar

3. Hollywood Glam

Nothing speaks goddess louder than the old school glamorous Hollywood wavy hairstyle. Time to bring out your favourite curling tong. But wait, always remember to first prep your hair with the This will ensure that you get the perfectly shaped curls without that pesky frizz coming in the way. After you are done twirling your hair, make a side parting and voila! We bet it will be hard to believe the gorgeous reflection that you see in the mirror after this!
hair bow hairstyle Courtesy: pinterest| @intheplayroom

4. Hair Bow

Who doesn’t love presents, especially on Christmas! Wrap your head into a cute bow by following these simple steps. Start by gathering all of your hair on the top of your head and make a ponytail. Then loop your hair through the elastic band and on the last pull through, don't pull your hair all the way through and instead create a loop, leaving the ends of your hair pointing toward your forehead. Then divide your loop into two halves and take the ends of your hair and fold it back through the space in your two looped halves, creating the centre "knot" part of the bow. Secure the ends in the elastic behind the bow in the back of your head. Fluff up your bow by spreading out the loops and gently tugging them tighter. The look is complete!
bun hairstyle Courtesy: Instagram| @therealkarismakapoor

5. The Éclair Bun

If you want to go all fancy and chic and want to create a unique hairstyle, go for the fancy éclair bun. We know it looks a bit complicated but with a little practice, you will master it in no time. Start by tying all your hair in to a ponytail. Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and divide into three sections. Then start normal braiding the hair but only up to three times. Now start adding small amounts of hair into this braid. When you run out of hair to add just braid the rest of the hair normally and secure with an elastic band. Now take the third braid and pull a little, then secure the same with a bobby pin both up and down. You can also jazz it up by adding a glittery or metallic string in the bun. If you want to add the colour of Christmas to this hairstyle, just add on the Love to be on point with all the International trends, then do check out how We Decoded The Glass Hair Trend
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