Hair Care Hacks For Curly Hair

Courtesy: Instagram | mipalkarofficial Rebellious, demanding, and uncontrollable! We know how exactly your curly hair is. Sometimes it’s quite a task to tame them, but you love them all the same. Once given all the care and attention, they can be the best part of your overall look. Curly hair is in girls, and if you’re blessed with beautiful kinks, it’s time to take care of them properly and flaunt them in front of the world with pride. Here’s how you nourish your curly hair

Hair Care Hacks For Curly Hair

1. Wide-Tooth Comb Is BAE, Okay? If you’re using a hairbrush to detangle your hair, your curls will die a sad death. Ditch the brush and use a wide-tooth comb or simply finger-detangle to keep your hair from breaking or stressing out.

2. Use The Right Shampoo A hard shampoo can end up leaving your scalp dry. Curly hair needs all the moisture it can get and so it’s important to use a hydrating shampoo. Show some love to your hair by using the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner for Seriously Dry Hair and lock in all the moisture and goodness of jojoba, vitamin E, hydrolysed keratin, and wheat germ oil.

3. Say No To Towel Dry Drying your wet hair out with a towel is what everyone does, but if you’ve got curly hair, ditch the coarse towel. Use a smooth fabric like a soft t-shirt or a soft, thin towel as this will reduce the frizziness in your hair and also prevent breakage. You can also use the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream , BBLUNT Born Again Trio, BBLUNT One Night Stand + Climate Control Leave-In Cream Duo to get rid of the frizz and give your curls a smooth finish.

4. Top – Knot – Sleep If you are someone who turns around a lot in bed, tie your curls up with a headscarf and prevent them from matting. The effect you see in the morning when you let them loose will be the perfect start to your day, trust us. Refresh the ends with water and use the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream BBLUNT Perfect Balance Duo and Curl Defining Cream Duo to add an extra touch of style and definition. Now that your curls are all taken care of, it’s time to style ‘em up!

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