4 Surprising Myths About Curly Hair

If you’ve got curly hair, you have to read this! All those curly hair myths are busted right here, right now. Take a look below and learn to believe in your beautiful curls! 4 Surprising Myths About Curly Hair 1. Brush Your Curls Straight When you hear that you can brush or comb your hair straight, is certainly a myth! Brushing your hair only makes your hair frizzy and ruins those set curls. Instead, you must use your fingers to remove the knots and set your hair when it’s wet or dry. Curly hair is susceptible to breakage and that’s why a conditioner is always a must! So no brush, no frizz! 2. Curly Hair Shampoo Will Do Traditional shampoos will not do! You have to be very careful of the ingredients. Sulphates are foaming agents and are very harsh on the hair. They make curly hair very dry and frizzy. Make sure you use a shampoo that is free from sodium lauryl sulphate and your hair will not suffer from dryness. 3. Conditioner Is An Option Curly hair always requires moisture and that’s why a conditioner is so important! You must use a conditioner after you shampoo. It smoothens and makes your curls shiny as ever. Based on the level of dryness, you should keep the conditioner on for a set interval. Frizz just means your hair needs more moisture, if your hair is frizzy apply more conditioner. 4. Cut Your Hair Normally You cannot cut curly hair like straight hair. Curly hair rides up in length, that’s why a wet cut is a big NO! You will never be sure of the length and who wants to stress about guesswork? A dry cut is what you always need, whether it’s a trim or a cut, just do it dry! Now that you're done busting the myths, get in on kick ass hairstyles for curly hair that you can sport.
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