7 Adorable Curly Hairstyles for Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are the perfect time to dress up like a dream! Right from those heavy lehengas to those chunky jhumkas, the prepwork for an Indian wedding is never complete. Amid all of this, your hairstyle can be the one factor that adds the perfect dash of style to your entire ensemble. Be it the bride or the bridesmaid, a beautiful hairdo can switch your wedding game in minutes. But when it comes to curly hairstyles, it’s a head-scratcher. Should one tuck those luscious curls into a bun or simply straighten them? An endless search begins! But this isn't any reason to worry. We are here with the answers and to help you flaunt your beautiful curls with these seven adorable curly hairstyles made specifically for Indian weddings.

Side Swept Hair

Curly Hairstyles For Indian Weddings - BBLUNT

How to style: 

  1. Prep your hair with a leave-in cream for frizzy hair and brush it thoroughly. 
  2. Part your hair on one side from the arch of your eyebrow. 
  3. Take a smaller chunk from one side and start twisting it at the back. As you go back, keep adding more strands to it. The end goal is to sweep all the hair from one side to the other. 
  4. Once you reach the other side, pin the twisted hair using a bobby pin. Make sure you secure it tightly. 
  5. Finish off with a strong setting spray. 
  6. You can even hide your bobby pins by decorating them with dainty flowers or sparkling hair accessories.

To complete this look, pair this wedding hairstyle for curly hair with a mesmerizing lehenga or sharara.

Curly Tendrils Updo

Curly Tendrils - BBLUNT

How to style:

  1. Prep your hair with the Hot Shot heat protection spray from BBLUNT.
  2. Brush your hair thoroughly and part it down on the desired side.
  3. Leave a few pieces at the front on both sides and wrap the rest of your hair into a bun.
  4. Now, curl the front pieces with a curling iron and spritz a hair setting spray on the length of the hair.
  5. Decorate your curly bun with blissful flowers to finish.

To complete the look, pair this traditional curly hairstyle for a wedding with your saree and let your curls do the talking!

Jasmine Hair

Jasmine Hair - BBLUNT

How to style:

  1. Prep your hair with the some clip in hair extensions for added length.
  2. Part your hair down the middle and start braiding the front section on both sides. 
  3. Wrap them around your hair and pin them low, almost above the nape of your neck.
  4. Take the rest of the hair and style it into a regular or a fishtail braid.
  5. Make sure to give each strand a good tug and spritz some setting spray over it.
  6. Decorate the longer braid with roses and there you go! 

To complete the look, pair this princessy bridal hairstyle for curly hair with a gorgeous lehenga.

Half-Up Double Wrapped Braids

How to style: 

  1. Prep your curly hair with the BBLUNT Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream and brush it thoroughly.
  2. Part your hair to the desired side. Divide the front section into two further sections: a smaller one to frame your face and a larger one to make a braid. Clip both sections with a section clip.
  3. Take the chunk of hair just behind the clipped area and create a fishtail braid.
  4. Take the larger section, which you had clipped away earlier, and create a fishtail braid.
  5. Repeat the same process on the other side.
  6. Now wrap both the braids around your head, forming a crown. Pin them at the back of your head in the middle. Do the same for the other side.
  7. Create a small space in the right side and loop the left braid, forming an ‘x’. Gently tug all the braids.
  8. Decorate it with a sparkling brooch or with dainty flowers.
  9. Finish your curly hairstyle with a setting spray.

To complete the look, pair this curly wedding hairstyle with a lehenga or lehenga-sari.

Triple Buns

How to style: 

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly and divide it horizontally into two sections right above your ear line.
  2. Divide the top sections vertically into two. 
  3. Twist all the three sub-sections into small buns and secure them with a bobby pin.
  4. Decorate the buns with some small baby breaths or small flowers of your choice.
  5. Remove some strands of hair from the front to frame your face and spritz some setting spray.

To complete the look, pair this stunning curly hairdo for a wedding with a saree.


Twist Tuck Bun

How to style:

  1. Prep your hair with the BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Mist.
  2. Section your hair horizontally from the crown area into front and back sections.
  3. Secure the back section into a low ponytail. 
  4. Part the front section on your desired side.
  5. Now, start twisting both the sections and wrap it around your head, forming a crown. 
  6. Clip those twisted sections by intersecting the ponytail. 
  7. Wrap the ponytail into a neat bun and decorate it with some hair accessories or flowers.

To complete the look, pair this curly hairdo with your bridal saree to stun everyone at the wedding.


Half Open Ponytails

How to style

  1. Start by spritzing the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray and then brush your hair thoroughly. 
  2. Part your hair on the desired side and start twisting a section from the front. Remember to leave some tendrils to frame your face.
  3. Do the same on the other side. 
  4. Tease the crown area with a tail comb for a voluminous look.
  5. Now, wrap the twisted sections around your crown and secure it into a ponytail. 
  6. Decorate the ponytail with a sparkling brooch or add small flowers to your loose, beautiful curls.

To complete the look and sway your beau’s heart with this beautiful wedding hairstyle, pair it with an enticing lehenga. 

Aren’t these wedding hairstyles perfect for your curly locks? So, what’s holding you back? Pin your favourite curly hairstyle and head to BBLUNT online to find the right professional hair products to nail your curly hairdo!

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