Dance Away With These DIY Garba Hairdos

Courtesy: Femina The festive season of fun and frolic is upon us! With Dandiya, Navratri, and Garba nights in tow, it can be quite hard to pull off a unique look every time. Looking for some truly easy yet stunning hairstyles to flaunt this Garba season? Don’t worry, we have got you covered with these DIY Garba hairdos. Dance Away With These DIY Garba Hairdos

It All Comes Down To Your Hair Accessories

Courtesy: Wiseshe

1. It All Comes Down To Your Hair Accessories This hairstyle is perfect for pulling off any semi-traditional outfit. You can style your hair in some perfect-looking loose waves, set the look with a hairspray, put on a mang tikka and Voilà, you are ready to shimmer and sizzle as the Garba queen!

The Floral Bun

Courtesy: Wedmegood

2. The Floral Bun The floral bun has been sported by every celebrity in B-town at some point or the other. And why not? Nothing can beat its classic, earthy charm! Not only does it looks great, but it’s super easy to achieve. Pull your hair back in a neat, clean bun and arrange the flowers in place using some bobby pins. A puff is also a great way to wear this hairdo.

A Braided Hairdo
Courtesy: Wedmegood

3. A Braided Hairdo If you have got those long tresses to flaunt, then braids are your calling! Plait up your mane in a French, Dutch or fishtail braid and pull off your signature dance moves this Garba season with an intricate-looking, beautiful hairdo. Check out, Drop Dead Gorgeous Hairstyle Looks For Navratri Nights.

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