Dangal Looks Styled By Our Shoot Crew

The most awaited movie of the year has finally hit the screens and as expected, Aamir Khan has nailed it yet again. The movie is a promising package of brilliant performances, narration and direction. In addition to Aamir’s unbelievable body transformation, the movie has been a talk of the town because of the on-screen Phogat sisters – Fatima Shaikh and Sanya Malhotra. This debutant duo have impressed the masses with their screen presence. Our shoot crew had a great time styling these beautifully talented girls for their first ever Dangal. Dangal Looks Styled By Our Shoot Crew dangal  dangal 1. Fatima Shaikh aka Geeta This beautiful, dimpled young girl has been a part of the glamour world since her childhood. She debuted as a child artist in Kamal Hasan’s comedy Chachi 420. Now, Fatima has entered the mainstream Bollywood cinema with Dangal. Playing the role of the elder Phogat Sister, Fatima had to look true to the character in every aspect. She had to part away with her long locks and endorse a cropped hairdo, which she did with grace. dangal  dangal 2. Sanya Malhotra aka Babita This young sublimed actress is Bollywood’s latest find. Playing the role of the younger Phogat sister, Sanya had to catch up with the real life Babita in terms of looks and body language. She even had to switch her rich long curls with a cropped hairdo. Looking at her, we can say that only Sanya could have made Babita look so real on screen.
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