David Beckham’s Hairstyles That Are A Must Try

The one reason women watch football, and men renew their gym membership - David Beckham. He was recently voted as The Sexiest Man Alive, and we aren’t second guessing! The football star looks good in any hairstyle he goes for, be it the buzz cut, long highlights or short and spiky. He’s been the front runner of celebrity fashion and style for a long time now and everyone is inspired by him for some style advice, not to forget the immense athletic talent! Even though he’s been off the market for a long time and now is a full time dad, Beckham will never lose his sense of style and fashion. Through all the hairstyles he has experimented with and obviously rocked, we’ve got 3 standouts for you to try yourself! David Beckham’s Hairstyles That Are A Must Try The Offside A sleek hairdo, that will certainly make you look more like a gentleman. Wear this look to parties, events and your hair will definitely be everyone’s ‘goal’ for the night. 1 Step 1 Apply BBLUNT’s Gel Oh! evenly throughout shampoo, towel dried hair. step 1 Step 2 Establish your side parting with the use of a comb. This will give your look better definition. step 2 Step 3 Take a paddle brush followed by BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer and direct into place for a smooth finish. If you would like a high gloss, spray on  BBLUNT’s Spotlight Hair Polish. step 3 The Playmaker If you haven’t realized yet, yes we’re using football terms. Get this hairstyle and go with the flow, Beckham keeps his hair & his woman in control, everyone’s favourite spice girl! A slight curve at the top, but a clean and charismatic look for any occasion, especially if you want to impress someone new! step 4 Step 1 Towel dry your hair and take a small amount of BBLUNT’s Total Control and work it into the palms of your hands. Apply product evenly throughout damp hair to get maximum texture with minimum fuss. step 5 Step 2 Sculpt, style and texturize as desired, to get David Beckham’s  texturized and tousled look. step 6 The Overhead If you haven’t got the time to get a haircut take advantage of your long hair and try out this rugged look! Beckham gets creative with the length of his hair and he certainly sports this extraverted look. The longer your hair, the longer it takes time to style but the longer people will remember your disheveled and daring look! look Step 1 Apply a good amount of BBLUNT’s 3D Texturizing Paste to the palm of your hand, rubbing your hands together to distribute the paste evenly. step 7 Step 2 Work the product through your hair from root to tip. Don’t hold back from playing around with the tips of your hair, give your hair added texture by mussing it around with your fingers. step 8 Step 3 Use BBLUNT’s iR Professional Hair Dryer and also use your fingers to create lift at the root area. Finish the look by power drying the rest of the hair. Don't be afraid to use your fingers to further experiment with the shape of your hair, we know David Beckham wasn’t! step 9
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