Decoding Dhoni's Coolest Hairstyles

He is hands down the coolest and the best captain India’s ever produced no surprise here, Mahindra Singh Dhoni or Maahi as his fans love to call him. He is not only known for his incredible skills on the cricket field but also donning various hairstyles off the field. This captain cool has had the coolest hairstyles over the past years. Be it long hair, short hair or medium length hair he has aced all of his looks. Wanna style your hair like Dhoni? Keep on reading to decode best of Dhoni’s hairstyles. Messy Pompadour

1. Messy Pompadour

Faded sides and messy looks are in this moment and we can’t wait for you guys to try it! Although messy pompadour generally maintains the same silhouette like a classic pompadour there are a few significant differences. This version of pompadour includes messy styling. First and foremost, dry your hair with a towel very thoroughly. Now, blow dry your hair with the help of a round brush. Make sure while using the blow dryer you set the heat to medium. Grab some of the, On your palms and run through your pomade. This will give you a good base to hold your pomp. Next step, run the brush thoroughly to distribute the styling product evenly. Once done pat your hair down after brushing it, this will bring up the definite fluff and signature style. Long Manes

2. Long Manes

We just cannot get over Dhoni’s insanely amazing long hair back in the day. When he had this long hairstyle, he surely created a lot of style statement and a lot of his fans instantly picked up on it. Do you have Dhoni like long manes? Here’s how you can style them, start by washing your hair thoroughly with some of the which are enriched with jojoba and vitamins. Give your hair some love with this moisture-enriched shampoo. The easier way to style it, of course, is to set your hair free and let it fall naturally! But to let your hair have that natural fall you can opt for it does the job of maintaining your natural fall. The Ultimate Mohawk

3. The Ultimate Mohawk

This hairstyle of Maahi has surely been the head turner. It's edgy, sporty and a whole lot of funk! It appears dramatic and surely enhances your features. To achieve this look, start by towel drying your hair and apply some of the to your hair. Now, run your fingers through your hair and spread the product evenly. next up, with the help of a blow dryer, blow dry your hair in the upward direction. Make sure your hair is facing upward and in one direction. Easy right? You’ll be sporting the ultimate Mahi like Mohawk in no time. Textured Modern Quiff

4. Textured Modern Quiff

The textured modern quiff remains the best of all the hairstyles. With this modern quiff look of Dhoni’s, you can take your style game up a notch. The nature of this hairstyle is extremely versatile, you can rock a quiff with long or short hair too. To get this look, start by applying some of the to your hair and spread the product evenly by running your fingers through your hair from front to back. The ultimate goal is to maintain the natural, textured look. Love creating cricketers hairstyles? Check out The Buzz Around Virat Kohli’s Latest Haircut!
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