Decoding Shahid Kapoor’s Kabir Singh Look

Shahid Kapoor is back at the silver screen with his all-new movie Kabir Singh starring alongside Kiara Advani. The movie is creating a buzz with his dynamic looks and his acting in the film. Sasha has wooed us over and over again with his impeccable personality over the years. Be it classy, rough, intense or his chocolate boy look he has aced all of his styles! If you love Shahid as much as we do keep on reading. Here’s how you can get these intense yet funky looks of Shahid Kapoor:
Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles
Picture courtesy: @shahidkapoor | Instagram

1. The Bad Boy Vibe

A style once considered common by many is now sported by celebrities and supermodels. We all know Shahid Kapoor for his chocolate boy look but look at him sporting this bad boy avatar! He has brought back the bad boy look and how! The nature of the look requires delicate tousled hair to get that perfect mess. Here’s how you can achieve this look of Shahid Kapoor from Kabir Singh!

Step 1: Start by drying your hair, it will help to shape the hair as you dry it. Take the nozzle of the dryer and use a brush which will you allow you to push the hair from one side to another. This will help you get the more textured and polish finish.

Step 2: Apply some of them, that allows you to tousle your hair at any given time throughout the day without losing its hold.

Step 3: Make sure the product is well settled on your hair by working it through your hair with the help of your fingers.

Shahid Kapoor Hairstyles
Picture courtesy: @shahidkapoor | Instagram

2. The Good Boy Vibe

While he seamlessly stole hearts with his bad boy looks he doesn’t fail to impress us when it comes to being a gentleman. Shahid Kapoor loves experimenting with new looks along with his movies. Having said that his good boy hairstyle still makes him the chocolate boy of Bollywood. His appearances have always been elegant, classy which makes him look incredibly handsome. Here’s how you can achieve the good boy look from Kabir Singh!

Step 1: Start by towel drying your hair and make sure they are damp, not completely dry. Start by applying the on your hair and spread it evenly on your hair.

Step 2: Now, with the help of a hairdryer start blow-drying your hair in the upward direction with the help of a roller brush. Make sure your heat is set on medium to avoid any damage to your hair.

Step 3: Brush your hair in a neat side parting, and comb it to form a subtle pompadour. Damn easy right? Create these look with the simple steps and make those manes look ravishing as ever! Can’t get enough of this chocolate boy? Check out How To Groom Your Beard Like Shahid Kapoor!

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