The Do's And Dont's Of Deep Conditioning

Why don't you go a little deep? To get those hair results you have always dreamt off. Deep conditioning works when you are more aware of the procedure. Take a look below, to find out all the do's and dont's to get your hair set into a smooth, shiny and luscious look.

The Do's And Dont's Of Deep Conditioning

The Do's

1. Make it a routine Hair that is deep conditioned, becomes much softer and easier to manage. It takes care of that unwanted frizz. You can condition your hair every 3 to 4 days to get your hair looking smooth and shiny at all times. This process must be a part of your daily hair routine to end those continuous hair complaints.

2. Feeling hot hot hot To get the best results, you must heat up your conditioner. This helps increase the effectiveness of absorption. Warm conditioner works best. Heat it up in a warm water bath to get the temperature right.

3. In-betweeners Alternate between moisturizing and strengthening sessions. These conditioning sessions will help keep your hair soft and shiny. Strengthening treatments work as good as those moisture packs. Switching to and fro is the best hair method you can adopt.

The Donts

1. Do it for hours We mean the deep conditioning! Don't leave it overnight or keep it on for hours together. A 30-minute time limit is all that you need. If this schedule doesn't work, ditch the conditioner and greet another one that would be more effective.

2. Use it extensively The deep conditioner is only used for those relaxing hair sessions. Do not use it daily as a normal conditioner for your mane. Why did you ask? These conditioners contain higher concentrations of surfactants, which stick to the hair increasing their build-up.

3. Store it for a long time Whether its a homemade mix or a combination of mixes don't keep it in storage for long! These mixes have no preservatives and so they will not work well enough for your hair like you want them too.

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