Deepika Padukone’s Casual Hairstyle Look

Bollywood’s sweetheart, Deepika Padukone, is the complete package of an ideal Heroine. Talented, gorgeous and standing tall with her many many awards, she is one of the most successful actresses today in Bollywood. She inspires so many people not just with her talent but with her humble, down to Earth nature. Check out her casual airport hairstyle look! Deepika Padukone’s Casual Hairstyle Look  Deepika casual hairstyle 1. Casual And Chic Deepika walks out of the airport, in style. She sports a cool casual look, with a fun and simple hairstyle. This time she ditched her usually pouf look, for a more natural pretty look. She’s opted for her hair to be in its natural texture falling loosely behind her ears. hair colour 2. Deepika’s Hair Colour Her hairstyle here looks fun, simple and classy. Her hair colour is a mix of Balayage and Ombre style and is a very pretty honey golden brown. It gives her hair a good layering and it looks much more voluminous than a one tone hair colour. get the look 3. Get The Look Want Deepika’s casual hairstyle look? This half up twisted up do, looks nice for any outfit, be it Indian ethnic wear, formal office clothing or even casual clothes. To get this look, begin with putting some medium size rollers in your hair. Section the top of your hair and take two thick strands from each side and twist. Pin them together at the back and you’re ready to go!
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