DelhiFashionBlogger Goes Long With BBLUNT

Komal goes long with BBLUNT! Check out how she does it. Hello #TeamKomal ! Today I'm going to show you a cool way of transforming your short-medium hair into long and thick waves! I have used the BBLUNT’s B Long Length & Volume Clip On Hair Extension in the Light Brown shade for this. The shades are made especially for Indian hair so you wont find any problem in choosing a color! These extensions are also available in Natural Brown & Dark Brown. Those looking to add instant length and volume to their hair must get this. You can even style this hair extension using your electric tools, just the way you like. Here's how to use it: 1. Brushing your hair and extensions is a super important part of your before-care & after-care routine. 2. Section your hair at the top of your ears and clip the shorter hair extension that comes in the box to your natural hair using the clip-ons on the extension. Super easy to wear by yourself, trust me. 3. Open the hair you had sectioned before and brush through it if you want. Now section your hair once again, only 2 inches above the clipped short-extension. Now attach the longer hair-extension above this section below the crown area. 4. Open the 2nd section you created and run your fingers through your hair to mix it all up. Use extra bobby pins if required. The best part about using these extensions is that the shade of the extensions mixes up with the light golden brown shade of my natural hair, giving the overall look some lovely highlights. And my short-medium hair now looks elongated and fuller and I couldn't be happier! Who's ready to be Rapunzel!? I am
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