How To Determine Your Hair Type In 5 Easy Steps

Earlier our choices of shampoos were limited, so determining hair types was not much of a big deal. But nowadays, with the increase in the number of products and shampoos, it's become important to know your hair type in order to use products suitable for it. We give you certain steps based on which you can determine the type of your hair to help you find your styling match!

How To Determine Your Hair Type In 5 Easy Steps

1. Diameter The diameter can be determined by placing a strand in-between your fingers and feeling it. If you don̢‰t feel anything, you have fine hair. If you can feel your hair, then you have medium hair. But if you feel a strong, thick strand, you have coarse hair.

2. Density You can determine the density of your hair by grabbing your hair by the side and seeing the visibility of your scalp. If your scalp is easily visible, you have thin hair. Whereas if your scalp isn̢‰t visible, you have thick hair.

3. Elasticity is an indicator of the health of your hair and the ease with which it can be styled. To figure out if your hair is elastic or not, stretch a strand of your hair. If your hair breaks immediately, elasticity is low, whereas if it stretches to half of its original length, elasticity is high.

4. Texture Our hair texture is subject to changes due to hormones and age. Hair texture should be maintained by allowing hair to air dry a couple of times a month so as to give the strands a break from the heat of other machines.

5. The porosity of hair involves knowing how much of chemical treatment your hair can tolerate. It can be tested by dipping a strand of your hair into the water to see if it sinks easily or not. If your hair sinks immediately, your hair is porous. If not, your hair isn̢‰t porous.

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