Detox Your Mane After New Year's Eve

December is the party season and ends with the banging New Year’s Eve party. You end up binging on the hairstyles throughout this month. The trauma of washing, blow-drying, straightening, back-combing, curling and spraying takes a toll on your precious mane. The lovely locks you once had now feel tired, worn-out and damaged, almost begging for you to take matters in hand and nourish your mane back to life. Time to back away from the styling tools and incorporate some suggestions in your routine to start transforming your tresses! Want to know the various ways in which you can do the hair detox? Scroll down!

1. Boost Moisture

Damaged, dry and lack-lustre tresses, meet your match: The This shampoo comes packed with a punch of Keratin And Argan Oil – The Power Combo For Your Hair. It is the perfect pick-me-up for the dull and damaged hair. The rich formula takes care of your damaged hair, leaving you with silky and smooth tresses. For best results use it regularly as damaged hair takes some time to be nourished back to health.

2. Deep-Conditioning

Using the right shampoo is essential on your path of recovering of damaged hair. But don’t stop yet. To replenish the lost moisture, adding a deep conditioning treatment like the is also essential. The post-party pampering of your damaged tresses requires this step as the damaged hair demands extra boost of moisture. Once you have applied the conditioner, comb through with a wide-toothed comb to remove tangles without tugging and causing further damage; it’s much easier to comb your hair when it’s covered in conditioner. Leave it on for at least 3-4 minutes. Your hair will be left feeling soft and smooth.

3. Leave It In

If you think you are done with your hair routine, well then you are wrong! It is crucial to apply a leave-in cream after you wash your hair as it provides the extra nourishment which the dry and damaged hair requires. So after your shower always apply the as it not only hydrates your hair but also acts as a protective layer against pollution and other environmental hazards. Just like you never step outside without slapping on some sunscreen, always remember to have your hair armoured with the leave-in cream.

4. Scalp Brushing

Your scalp is one of the most important elements of your mane. It is also said at times that the crux of most of the hair problems lies in the scalp. So, if your scalp is not clean and healthy, it is difficult for your locks to be shiny and lovely. One of the best ways to indulge in hair detox is scalp brushing. In this process, you start by slowly brushing your scalp with the help of a paddle brush from the headline to the nape of your neck. This not only promotes blood circulation but also ensures that all the dirt and grime is off your scalp. Doing this process at least twice a week will help you make your mane healthier as well as promote hair growth.

5. Avoid Experiments

When we are gearing for the party season, we often treat our hair like some science lab and experiment a lot on them. From trying our hand at various colours to making full use of hair straighteners and curling tongs. We do not hesitate. As a result, our hair suffers and we are stuck with dry and damaged hair. Brittle tresses is our hair’s way of screaming for help and asking us to stay away from the chemicals that have a harsh effect on them. So while you are on a hair detox, do not indulge in any hot tools or chemical treatments. Leave your hair to air dry and embrace the natural texture of your hair. There! We gave you The Best Hair Care Routine For Damaged Hair. With these easy tips, you will be able to detox your mane in no time. While you nourish your mane back to life try some of the Easy Updos To Keep Your Hair In Place
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