Different Ways To Style Your Short Hair

Let’s accept it ladies, short hair is easy to maintain and super comfortable to handle! You can rock your short hair from work to casual outings at ease. If you think short haired girls have limitations styling their hair, well, you need to know better! There’s so much you can do with short hair; you can play around with literally all styles. Read on to know more about how to style your short hairstyles in different ways.
The Twisty Image Courtesy: @Theskincareedit| Pinterest

1. The Twisty

The simplest, easiest and quickest hairstyle for whenever you’re in a rush. This hairstyle will instantly pep up your look in no time. To create this hairstyle, start by dividing your hair into two sections. Now, you take a section out from both the sides and twist these sections into same direction, twisting them towards your face. Take the two twists and cross them across each other in the opposite direction and secure them with bobby pins. Finish off your look by spraying some of the This will add that envious shine and make your hair look flawless.
Short Curls Image Courtesy: @shorthairmodel | Pinterest

2. Short Curls

The feeling after cutting your hair short is undeniably the best. Curly short hair can look sweet, sleek and sexy at the same time. If you have short hair but wondering what else can you do? Curl your hair away! That’s right, short curls can add an instant edge and boldness to your look. Start by applying some of the to damp hair, this will emphasise your curls even more! Now, with the help of a curler start by curling random small sections. Once done, run your fingers through your hair to give those curls a natural look.
Braid Your Hair Into A Chic Crown Braid Image Courtesy: @theundercut | Pinterest

3. Braid Your Hair Into A Chic Crown Braid

Short hair is loved everywhere, it’s easy to blow dry, it keeps you out of sweat during summer and most importantly the product usage is minimal. But sometimes it gets tricky to style your luscious short hair. To get started with this crown braid, start by blow drying your hair and apply some of the which will help you keep the moisture in your hair locked in and keep the flyaways at bay. Now, take a small section of your hair from any side and braid it till the back of your head and secure with bobby pins! Take out some strands of your hair to make it look seamless. . voila! There you have it; you’ll be looking like a Queen in no time.
Half Top Messy Bun Image courtesy: @fashion2D | Pinterest

4. Half Top Messy Bun

Looking to switch up your ordinary top bun? Here’s the upgraded style you can opt for, a half top messy bun! This half top messy bun is perfect for a casual day to even a red carpet look. This hairstyle can be done not only for short hair but also for all hair lengths. It’s pretty easy, you just have to take the section of your crown hair and tie it in a bun. Now, pull out some hair strands to give it a messy look! You can finish off the hairstyle with some of the which can lift up your hairstyle with some shine. We are sure you will rock these hairstyles and ace them in no time. Want to know more about short hair? Check out 3 Summer Hairstyles For Short Hair You Must Try!
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