Dimpi Sanghvi From Wardrobe Secrets Reviews The Two New BBLUNT Dry Shampoo Fragrances

Haven’t we all faced such days where we are in a hurry & don’t have sufficient time to wash our hair? Being a blogger, I am always on the go & have to look my very best at all times whether it’s a meeting, a product launch or a shoot. I cannot wash my hair every now & then because hair washing is a time-consuming activity especially for a girl with long hair like mine. It also leads to a lot of hair breakage, plus my hair looks very frizzy after a wash. Given all these problems, the launch of a product like Dry Shampoo by BBLUNT was a wish come true for me & I am sure its existence is no news for you guys but the recent launch of its two new fragrances – “Spring Fling” & “Beach Please” has got me excited & I had to review them. I have to say, Spring Fling is the perfect blend of flowers, berries and sun-kissed daisies. My hair felt fresh and bouncy! Beach Please on the other hand reminded me of an island holiday. Imagine sea spray and saltwater breeze. How refreshing is that? So, here are the top 5 reasons why I love these two new variants of the Classic Dry Shampoo. wardrobe secrets articleInstant Freshness – These two new fragrances of the Classic BBLUNT Dry Shampoo absorb the excess grease & grime from my hair without the use of water, leaving it totally revamped & clean. Also, each spray has a cold sensation which gives me a feeling of freshness as a hair bath would. Saves Time – On days when I have no time for a hair bath, these two new variants of the dry shampoo make my hair look as good as a hair bath would in simply few seconds. I may not be ready for what life throws at me but now at least my hair can be with BBLUNT Dry Shampoo. Fragrance – I am so glad that BBLUNT introduced the classic dry shampoo in two fragrances, one is “Beach Please” which gives a mint cool breezy fragrance to my hair & the second is “Spring Fling” which adds a fresh floral fragrance to my hair. So now my hair not only looks good but also smells heavenly with these two new variants. Easy to use – The BBLUNT dry shampoo is very easy to use. All I need to do is shake the bottle well before I use it. Hold it in upright position, almost 6 inches away from the hair & spray it evenly on the roots. Leave it on for 2 minutes. Massage & brush thoroughly. Bingo! I have got grease free, fresh looking hair in no time. Adds texture & volume – The new “Beach Please” fragrance of BBLUNT Dry Shampoo adds texture to the hair which makes it possible for me to style it in different ways with ease. For instance, here I have opted for a side partition braided look which is adding an element of quirkiness to this fusion attire. wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets article On the other hand, “Spring Fling” which is the 2nd fragrance of the Dry Shampoo adds volume & gives a bounce to my hair. Using this fragrance, I have given the boring bun hairdo a twist & created this messy half bun look which looks so much fun & contemporary with this bomber jacket. wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets article wardrobe secrets articlewardrobe secrets articleSo these were the Top 5 reasons I love the two new variants of BBLUNT Classic Dry Shampoo. Hope you liked the hairstyles! Do have a look at the pictures & share your opinion with me.
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