Mask That Mane For You To Tame

Courtesy: When it comes to your hair, winter is just not cool. It messes with your hair big times, making them frizzy, dry and dull. Your hair requires special care in this season. Here are a few tips that will tame your mane during winters. Mask That Mane For You To Tame

1. Don’t Be Hot No matter how tempting it may seem, keep your hair away from a steamy bath. To wash your hair, opt for warm to cool water. Hot water will wash off the essential oils that are already scarce during winter.

2. Less Is Better Do not wash your hair too often during winters. Since you do not sweat as much in winter, twice a week is more than enough to ensure hair hygiene.

3. Go Mild Use mild shampoos to ensure that your hair gets a gentle treatment. Choose shampoos that have Provitamin B5 (D Panthenol). Use BBLUNT Born Again Shampoo, For Stressed Hair or BBLUNT Perfect Balance Shampoo, For Normal To Dry Hair that is filled with the goodness of B5 that smoothen out your hair.

4. Tame The Frizz Static build up during winter can really make your hair super annoying and frizzy. Use a wide boar bristle brush with a wooden hand instead of plastic. This prevents static build-up and also makes the hair look moisturized. Check out our BBLUNT winter hairstyle tips.

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