How to Get the Salon Look At Home

Image Source: Masala! True happiness is the feeling you get right after we’ve had our hair professionally done. Getting our hair done at the salon every other day will most definitely burn a hole in our pocket, but how we wish we could afford such a luxury. But don’t fret, BBLUNT’s got you covered. Want to see your hair in all its shiny, glory, at home? Just follow these easy steps How to Get the Salon Look At Home DIY Braided Hairstyles Image Source: Fays Book 1. Pretty Twisted This halo twist will surely get you lots of compliments. It is super easy to achieve and will make you look like the innocent little angel you wished you were. So let’s get twistin’ ladies! Step 1 Twist back a small section of hair from one side of your head and secure it with a pin right at the center of your head Step 2 Take a small section of hair from the other side of your head, twist it and tuck it behind the first twisted section, and pin it such that it overlaps the first section of the hair. Step 3 Complete this look with the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for Instant Shine to keep this beautiful hairstyle in place all day long. DIY Messy Top Knot Image Source: Makeup Daily 2. The-Must-Know-Knot We know how daunting it is to achieve the perfect top knot. We’ve got an easy formula for this chic look. You won’t have to rush to the salon every time to get this sophisticated diva hairdo. Learn how to get the perfect messy top knot in 3 easy steps! Step 1 Pull it together, girl. We mean it. Tie your hair in a high ponytail. Separate the hair in your ponytail into 4 sections and tease it. Step 2 Spray the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-In Spray to add some texture and volume to your hair. Step 3 Separate the teased hair into two sections and start wrapping it in opposite directions around the ponytail band and secure it with bobby pins. Leave the ends of the bun to fray. The messier, the better. Katrina Kaif Hairstyles 3. The Perfect Bed Head As you must’ve heard, messy is the new chic. The best part about tousled hair? It doesn’t have to be perfect. Step 1 Use the BBLUNT High Definition Curl Leave-In Cream over damp hair to enhance your look and tame the frizz too. Step 2 Braid it up! Divide your hair into two sections and make two tight braids. Secure the ends with rubber bands. Ensure that your hair is slightly damp. Step 3 Open up those braids and separate your hair into small sections. Now use a curling rod to curl the sections alternating away from the face and towards your face. Amp up your look by adding a pop of colour. Use the BBLUNT Colour Quickies Clip-On Hair Extensions to get party ready in seconds! Looking for more hair tips and tricks? Check out Hair Inspiration By The Mane Maestro: Adhuna Bhabani
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