Do You Have Mom Hair?

It's the post-childbirth scenario that most women dread. Hair loss, a thinning mane, dryness — can all become an issue and in a bid to deal with it most women go for a short crop. Dubbed as 'mom hair', the term refers to a fuss-free, often uncool, short do that women resort to in order to disguise the changes their hair is going through. But does mom hair need to be frumpy? Easy chic styles Urvi Chauhan – Sanghavi, Senior Salon Director, BBLUNT says, new moms tend to prefer low maintenance hairstyles, usually something they can put together quickly. "Women with short hair can opt for a short curly bob while those who prefer longer styles, can go for the layered look as it's easy to tie-up. To keep it chic, new moms can also try the very trendy top knot or a sleek high ponytail. Women with wavy hair could go in for variations of the braid or the top knot. Keep in mind though that a lot of layering can sometimes make it difficult to tie the hair up. Products-wise, it's best to use a good leave-in- conditioner, made especially for Indian hair and weather, that can work wonders to beat the humidity and frizz." Click here to read the whole article.
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