Does Oiling Your Hair Really Help?

We all have childhood memories of our grandma loading our hair with oil as often as possible. This “champi” or the head massage used to be a regular affair but as we grew old, oiling became a task and now we find ourselves asking if it’s actually important to do it at all! Let’s find out if it’s actually worth the effort to take out the time to oil our manes!

1.Stronger Strands

Regularly nourishing your hair with oil results in longer and stronger hair as oiling the strands provides with essential vitamins and proteins. Just like our bodies, hair also requires some food which it gets through the essentials present in variants of oils.

2.Keeps ageing at bay

It is often believed that regular hair oil massage prevents premature greying of hair. Now we would love to keep those white strands away as much as possible, right?

3.Acts as an Umbrella

Did you know regular oiling your hair also helps to keep the pollution distant? Oiling the hair leads to adding a protective layer which helps keep the attacks from dirt, dust, pollution and UV rays away. This is important as we can’t keep washing our hair every day to clean the scalp of all impurities.

4.Tames Frizz

A great way to control frizz is by using hair oil. Rubbing some hair oil on your palms and running it through the mane, will settle the frizz down immediately while providing nourishment. Another great way to tame that rebellious frizz is by using the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream. Have more scalp worries to be resolved? Check How To Keep Scalp Fresh This Monsoon
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