Dry Hair Hacks That Will Leave You Surprised

Winter is coming! And we have more pressing problems than the long night or the white walkers. Dry skin and dry scalp are a humongous part of our worst winter nightmares! Owing to our hectic schedules, we just cannot keep a check on our hair washing cycles. Deciding to wash or not to wash hair in the morning becomes more difficult than Sophie’s Choice. Check out, these 4 hacks for dry hair that will seamlessly fit into your regime. Dry Hair Hacks That Will Leave You Surprised 1. Regular Hair Oiling This is a cardinal rule in hair care. A dry scalp lacks essential oils and moisture, leaving them brittle and lusterless. Oiling your mane regularly can help your hair get the required dose of nourishment. Remember to oil only the roots and not the tips of the hair. This is a definite stress-buster, after-all who doesn’t like a little ‘champi’ 2. Protect Hair From Sun Like our skin, even our hair needs protection from the sun. Try to protect your tresses as much as possible from the sun. Colourful hats and scarfs only make you look more glamorous, don’t they? 3. Split Ends Damage Control Another side-effect of dry hair is those unwanted, split-ends. Incorporate more calcium and protein in your diet. For some glossy, moisturized locks, use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum. 4. Go Easy On Heat Styling Avoid blow-drying and ironing your hair regularly. But if it’s absolutely unavoidable then lower the temperature of the appliance before use. Since we appreciated your patience, here is a little bonus hack just for you. 5. Dry-Shampooing Your Hair Dry-Shampoos have anti-bacterial properties that help I keeping your hair grime and grease-free. So if you are suffering from dry hair, and aren’t able to wash them regularly, use the BBLUNT Back To Life Beach Please Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness or the BBLUNT Back To Life Spring Fling Dry Shampoo For Instant Freshness. Check out, 5 Hair Care Tips For Diwali You Need To Know.
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