Dull And Thin Hair? Here's What You Need

Limp, dull and lifeless hair is something nobody desires. Although some of us are blessed with big, voluminous hair, there are others who would do anything to boost some life and volume to their dull and limp hair. While we can cheat our way into boosting volume into our mane with some styling products, it is essential to maintain a strategic hair care routine. We all know that consistency is the key to getting the desired results. So, take that notepad out and jot these helpful tips and tricks to get that hair full of volume and bounce, just like you see in TV commercials!

1. Root Cause

To solve a problem, it is essential to first look into the root cause of the same. If dry and dull hair is a result of you using too many hot tools or treating your hair like an experimental lab, then you are probably suffering from damaged hair. To nourish damaged hair back to health, you need to incorporate products that are meant especially to deal with damaged hair problems. The would be the perfect hero in this scenario. With ingredients like Keratin and Argan Oil, your dull and damaged hair will be back to normal in no time.

2. Hair Cleanse

When it comes to dealing with thin and dull hair, one should always trace their steps back to the basics. The hair cleanser you use plays a crucial role in adding volume to your hair. The right ingredients present in the shampoo can help in treating your scalp while keeping the oil and greasiness at bay. The comes packed with Hydrolized Rice Protein, Provitamin B5 and Glycerin. Regular usage of this product will help lift your mane while boosting great volume into it.

3. Hair Conditioner

We know you have heard it before, but let us stress on it again. It is crucial to follow your hair cleanser with the hair conditioner. Hence opt for the Make sure to apply the hair conditioner only on the strands and never on the scalp. Applying the hair conditioner on scalp makes the strands greasier. Hence, gently apply the hair conditioner on the hair strands and let it sit for at least 2-3 minutes, allowing your hair to get nourished.

4. After Care

If you think you are done with the hair care routine with just the correct hair cleansing process, don’t look away just yet. In today’s world with so much pollution and environmental hazards, it is important to have a protective layer on your mane. The does this job perfectly. Just spray some of this elixir on damp hair and style your mane the way you want. You will notice an instant lift in your mane. You are now ready to dance the night away!

5. The Haircut

Give a girl the right haircut and she can conquer the world! While the right products do help in giving you the volume and lift desired by your mane, the wrong haircut can just bring down your otherwise bouncy mane. To get the extra life and bounce to your hair, go for a layered haircut. This haircut is not only easy to style but also makes your mane appear more bouncy and full of life. With these tips and tricks, get ready to say bye to dull and thin hair and hello to bouncy and healthy mane! Loved the inputs but doubt if our products are actually worth the hype? Do check out, Does The BBLUNT Repair Remedy Range Work?
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