Easy And Unique Ways To Braid Your Hair

Braids can be done on any type of hair, whether curly or straight. The style is versatile and can be worn for any look, whether a red carpet event or a simple brunch. Although braids look really pretty, they can look quite intimidating when working on one. In spite of repeated efforts, we are often left with a tangled mess or end up settling for a messy bun. With these easy techniques, you will be jumping on the braid bandwagon in no time! how to do the crown braid Courtesy: Pinterest| @worldstylish

1. The Crown Braid

This braided updo is posh enough to wear to a gala event or for a wedding function! Start by dividing your hair into two sections, parting it into the middle. Braid each section and pull some strands out loosely, securing it with an elastic band. Flip the braids on top of your head, securing them with bobby pins. Free a few strands for a softer and messier look. Spray the BBLUNT Hair Polish For Instant Shine to give some shine and gloss to your mane. how to do the ponytail braid Courtesy: Pinterest| @styleanddesign

2. The Ponytail Braid

This hairdo looks perky and classy with any attire. Start by applying some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum on your mane so that the hair is smooth and manageable. Separate your hair equally into two parts. Cross a small strand of hair from the first section, taking it over the top, add it to the second section. Repeat the same from the second to the first section. Continue grabbing tiny sections of hair, crossing them over, and joining them to the other half until you've reached the bottom of your strands. Secure with an elastic band. how to do the dutch braid Courtesy: Pinterest| @glowsly

3. The Dutch Braid

Separate your mane into three sections. Now start braiding your hair by taking the left section and cross it under the middle one. Repeat the same with the right section. Now adding more hair to the braid, take a small section of the hair that's already down on the left side, and combine it with the current left section and cross them both under the middle. Repeat the same with the right side. Keep repeating this technique until you reach the bottom. With some efforts, you will master this in no time! Get some Bollywood Inspiration for more braided looks. Check out How To Get Deepika Padukone’s Double French Braids
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