7 Simple Christmas Party Hairstyles Ideas To Try Out This Holiday Season!

Christmas outfit? Check. Party invite? Check. Make-up? Check. Hair game? Uh, hold up! Were you planning to wear your everyday hair to a Christmas party? Oh, pretty please, don’t be a grinch to your lovely locks. Instead, opt for one of these cute Christmas party hairstyles and transform your look from ‘drab to fab’ in a few minutes! So, get your Yuletide hair game on now with these effortless yet stylish Christmas hairstyles, which, by the way, are Instagram-approved!

  1. The Wet Look

  2. The Wet Look Christmas Hairstyle

    How to style:

    Brush your hair at the back using a wide-toothed comb. Now, mix a dime-sized amount of hair gel and cream, and apply it to the roots of your hair. To achieve the slicked-back, glossy wet look, brush your hair gently and layer it with a shine spray. Voila! There you have it, a perfect Christmas hairdo that you can flaunt the entire evening.

  3. High Ponytails

  4. High Ponytails Christmas Hairdo

    How to style:

    Brush your hair at the back and tie it into a high ponytail. Secure it using a thin hair tie and add a pearl-beaded cuff to amp up the glam. Now, spritz some setting spray to tame the flyaway and you are good to go! This Christmas hairstyle is easy, practical, and a cult-favourite. It can be worn at any time of the day and won’t budge at all.

  5. Crowning Glory

  6. Crowning Glory Christmas Hair Braid

    How to style:

    Prep your hair with the BBLUNT Blown Away hair volume spray to add an instant lift to it. Now, part your hair from one side, and take the chunk from above your ear and braid it. Do the same on the other side. Tease the crown area to give it an added volume. Finally, take each braid to the opposite side to form a braided crown, and secure it in place with a bobby pin. To fit in perfectly with the Christmas spirit, you can even braid your hair using a red or green ribbon

  7. Faux Bob

  8. Faux Bob Christmas Hair Style

    How to style:

    Part your hair horizontally down the middle, and divide it into three sections: left, right, and back. Now, braid the back section and wrap it around forming a bun. Then, pin it flat to your head. Next, create a low ponytail using the other two sections, and secure it with a hair tie. Roll the ponytail inside the bun and secure it with bobby pins. Pull the hair slightly to give your faux bob the added volume. Spritz some hair spray and you are ready to flaunt one of the best Christmas party hairstyles that allows you to fake a bob without sacrificing the length of your hair

  9. Glamorous Side-Swept

  10. Glamorous Side Swept Christmas Hair Braid

    How to style:

    Prep your hair with the BBLUNT hair cream for frizzy hair to tame the frizz and give it an even texture. Now, part your hair on one side, starting from the arch of your right eyebrow. Next, part each side into smaller sub-sections. Take a curling wand and curl these subsections and spritz some setting spray to lock the curls in place. Now, gently brush your curls to loosen them up. Add a hint of bling by pinning a pearl-beaded bobby pin on the left side of your hair. All done! You are now ready to flaunt this glamorous Christmas party night hairstyle like a pro!

  11. Brushed-Out Waves

    Brushed-Out waves Christmas Hairstyle

    How to style:

    Prep your hair with the heat protection spray for hair by BBLUNT to keep heat-styling damage at bay. Next, loosely curl your hair using a flat iron. Work your way up from the roots to the ends, giving your hair a wave at each step. Once you are happy with the waves, apply a texturizing spray, and gently brush out the waves for an effortless look. This Christmas hairstyle can help awaken your inner Hollywood diva by adding the ‘oomph’ factor to your hair.

  12. Half-Up & Half-Down

  13. Half-Up & Half-Down Christmas Hairstyle

    How to style:

    Prep your hair with the BBLUNT Blown Away volumizing spray to get the perfect volume. Next, section your hair horizontally from the crown area and tease it with a tail comb. Secure this portion into a ponytail using a pearl hair-tie. To give it a much cleaner look, curl the ends of your hair and you are ready to rock the town with your Xmas spirit. It is an easy-to-create hairstyle, and thus perfect for those busy Christmas mornings.

Aren’t these hairstyles elegant and fun to try out? So, what is stopping you? Screenshot your favorite Christmas hairdo and be prepared to flaunt it, come Christmas! To discover the perfect solution to all your hair care woes, visit the BBLUNT e-store and check out our extensive range of professional hair products today. You can also check out range of hair extension & other hair styling products at BBLUNT.

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