6 Easy Hacks To Wear Unwashed Hair That Every Girl Must Know

Is the heat and humidity causing your hair to grease and giving you bad hair days every 2nd day? While we know how tempting it is to wash your hair daily, it actually does more harm than good; your natural oils are stripped off from your roots, your hair becomes dry, and eventually it starts appearing unhealthy. Let your mane breathe, and try these easy styles that will make your 2nd hair day look fresher. 6 Easy Hacks To Wear Unwashed Hair That Every Girl Must Know 1. Top knot This glam look is one of the smartest ways to conceal unwashed hair and it۪s super easy to pull off. First, gather all your hair as if you were to tie a high ponytail, and then simply tie it into a bun. To make your hair look sleeker, you could add a bit of hair polish. It۪s that simple! 2. High ponytail This good old hairdo directs all the attention from your scalp to your face, keeping all your strands off your face. Try not to keep the ponytail too low, which might kill the look. The higher you tie it, the sleeker it۪s going to look. 3. Braid it The best way to manage unwashed hair is to braid it. Again it keeps your hair out of your way and it۪s really easy to pull off. Whether you keep it on either side or behind you is totally up to you. Just section your hair into 3 different strands and braid away! 4. Twisted strands This simple yet timeless look will get you through your 2nd hair day blues. Take a strand of hair from both sides (you don۪t necessarily need to twist it) and tie the two together to give you a cute look. 5. Beach waves If you۪ve got natural waves, this is going to take you no time at all. All you have to do is use a bit of hairspray and you۪re good to go! If that۪s not the case, just wrap your strands around your fingers and release it after a few seconds. 6. Cover up In case you۪re in a no-scalp-show mood, your best bet is to add a cover up. A cover up can be anything, from a bandana to a headband (a beanie could work too during the winters). Not only is your morning routine much faster, but these cover ups are super adorable.
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