3 Lazy Girl Hairstyles To Set You For The Week

Being a lazy girl is not a bad thing! We know how to find the easier way of doing things; after all, short cuts are simpler arent they? If you think lazy girls have it easier, youre clearly mistaken! Lazy girls take more time to plot out how exactly theyre going to make their lives easier. We decided to help all those lazy girls out there. Dry shampoo is a gift from the hair gods for all those lazy girls out there. It saves time and refreshes your hair anytime, anywhere! No water required. Check out some awesome lazy girl hairstyles you can do with your dry shampoo. 3 Lazy Girl Hairstyles To Set You For The Week 1. The Busy Girl Bun Aint got no time hon? Try a no effort bun! Twist your textured hair into a sexy messy bun. Dirtier hair, the better. For extra texture and to refresh your tresses spray BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo all over your roots. Slip in some U-pins from the left and right side and youre set to go! 2. Tousled To Go Tousled is the new tamed. Take sections of damp hair and twist it. Blast those sections with a blow dryer for an easy tousled effect. After dry your whole hair, mess it up a bit with your fingers for a more natural look. To add volume to your roots, dont forget to spray a bit of BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo for an instant spruce. World, beware. The lazy girls are clearly taking over with their sexy hairstyles! 3. The Lazy Girl Ponytail Its always good to show your ponytail a little love! After all, those ponytails get us through a lot of bad hair days dont they? Add a little drama to your ponytail with BBLUNTs Back To Life Dry Shampoo. Spray on some of the dry shampoo on your roots from six inches away. This will give your ponytail some incredible volume and oomph. Tie up all your hair into a ponytail and secure it with a hair tie.
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