Easy Hairstyles For Sarees You Need To Try

The saree is the ultimate, Indian outfit that you can never go wrong with. Pair a saree with a beautiful hairstyle and you will look like you have come straight out of a Bollywood film. Check out these 4 festive season hairstyles that you can flaunt with any saree you desire. The only downside of trying these hairstyles is that you will have to prepare yourself to be complimented every few seconds. Are you ready for that? Easy Hairstyles For Sarees You Need To Try Side Swept Curls And Waves Courtesy: Pinterest 1. Side Swept Curls And Waves Curls are playful yet stunning. These loose side-swept curls go perfectly with that pastel-hued, chiffon saree. Use the BBLUNT Blown Away Volumizing Leave-in Spray to get that oh-so-fabulous veil of curls cascading down your back. Half Up Half Down Hair Courtesy: Pinterest 2. Half Up Half Down Hair The half up half down hairdo is the universally accepted gold standard when it comes to sarees. But if you want to funk it up a little, curl your hair into loose waves. Add a caramel tinge or a crimson tint with the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Colour to give it a rustic-meets-chic kind of look! Use the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum to help your hair look healthier. Classic Bun With Flowers Courtesy: Pinterest 3. Classic Bun With Flowers If there is anything as the “safest look ever” then that will be the classic bun with flowers. From the damsels of B-town to our Grandmothers at home, anyone can rock the classic bun. And the sweet-smelling ‘mogra’ as an accessory, is just the cherry on top of the cake. Fishtail Braid Courtesy: Pinterest 4. Fishtail Braid With a little practice, this look can be mastered. Braids look super-elegant and super-stylish. It gives you plenty of room to play with so, that you can get as creative as you want with the braiding pattern or with how you decorate the braid. Use the BBLUNT B Long Length & Volume Clip-in Hair Extensions. Take a look at How To Get Festive Hairstyles In 3 Easy Steps.
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