Au Revoir 2020: Ring In The New Year With These 7 Gorgeous Hairstyles!

After a year of stewing at home (pandemic!), the New Year is right around the corner. While the year did not give us many opportunities to get out of our PJs or bring order to the chaos on our heads, we’ve finally got an excuse to dress up. And whether it turns out to be a movie night with close friends or a small gathering with family, bringing your A-game will be essential. While that shimmery dress and glittery make-up can get you in the party mood, wouldn’t it be something if you got your hair to do the talking?

You might be wondering: “How do I find the perfect hairstyle for New Year’s at such short notice. Fret not, we’ve got you covered! Open your notepad and take cues from these gorgeous New Year party hairstyles!


1. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curl Hairstyle for New Year

Who doesn’t love some voluminous curls, right? This hairstyle is the perfect pick for New Year’s Eve as it is glamorous, romantic, and, most importantly, easy to recreate.

How to style:

Start with the BBLUNT Blown Away hair volumizing spray to add a voluminous lift to your hair. Next, section your hair on both sides and take a small chunk from the back. Now, curl this chunk with a curling barrel and work your way towards the front. Gently run your fingers through your hair once all the strands are curled. Finish off with a setting spray.


2. Slicked Back

Slicked Back New year Hairstyle

Did someone ask for a chic hairdo? Because this slicked back hairstyle is here to fill your New Year with style and elegance.

How to style:

Part your hair down from the middle. Now, take a diamond-studded bobby pin and tuck the hair strands on the sides behind the ear. Finish with a setting spray.


3. Bubble Ponytail

Basic ponytails are old news now! It’s time for you to add a bubbly element to your New Year party hairstyle.

How to style:

Use a colourful or pearl-beaded hair tie to secure your locks into a regular ponytail. Now, leave two inches of length and secure another hair tie. Continue this until you reach the ends of the hair. Once this is done, gently pull the sections outward (apart from the centre) to get that bubble effect. You can even pin sparkly barrettes instead of hair ties to ensure that the hairstyle matches your New Year vibe!


4. High Half-Up with Curls

This is a classic JLo look that screams ‘chic’. If you are planning to wear an easy-peasy hairstyle for the New Year’s, then this is the perfect pick for you.

How to style:

Prep your hair with the BBLUNT heat protection for hair spray to avoid from heat-styling damage. Take small chunks of your hair and style out some loose curls with the help of a flat iron. Now, take the top section from the front (near the crown of your  head) and tie it into a high ponytail. To add a dash of glam, you can also pin diamond-studded hairpins on the crown area.


5. Sparkling Space Buns

Gorgeous Hairstyles - BBLUNT

A space bun is the perfect New Year hairstyle for short hair. It transforms your hair in just a few twists to add a quirky element to it.

How to style:

Part your hair from the middle. Next, secure each section into ponytails on both sides of the crown. Now, twist them into buns and secure with bobby pins. Here comes the fun part. Scatter some glitter in the centre of your hair, and voila, you are ready to rock Tinseltown!


6. Flipped Ends

Bring a hint of retro romance to New Year’s Eve with this beautiful hairstyle. Flipped ends are a no-brainer and add the perfect feminine touch to your hair.

How to style:

Apply a heat protectant like the by BBLUNT Hot Shot Heat Protection Mist to keep heat-styling damage at bay! Part your hair in smaller sections and start straightening it. Once you reach the ends of each section, curl it in an outward direction. You can simply add the finishing touch with a setting spray, or better, tie your hair in a half ponytail with a cute ribbon.


7. Side Clip

Side Clip Hairstyle for New year’s Eve Party

If you don’t have the time to dive deep into your styling tools, then this hairstyle can be your saving grace. It gives you the freedom to flaunt your natural hair texture while adding the ‘glam’ element to your tresses.

How to style:

Prep your hair with the BBLUNT Climate Control frizzy hair cream to get an even texture. Next, part your hair from one side and pin it up with some sparkling clips or barrettes on the side of your hair. Finish the look with a setting spray.

We bet that you can’t wait to try these hairstyles on New Year’s eve. So, grab your styling tools and hunt for the perfect hair accessories because things are about to get LIT! And don’t forget to visit the BBLUNT e-store to find the right hair care products for your Christmas and New Year hairdo routines.

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