Easy Party Hairstyles For Long Hair

Long hair can be styled in a variety of ways. All it requires is some technique and a few hairstyling tools. Party hairstyles are something you always struggle with whether it’s just basic sleek hair or a ponytail. We have got you sorted with these amazing party hairstyles which you can re-create in no time. Your hunt for the ultimate party hairstyles ends here. From wavy chignons to sleek ponytails, we bring to you hairstyles that are modern, sleek, and easy to do. Read on to get to learn the top exciting party hairstyles for long hair.


  1. Wavy Chignon

Perfect for a cocktail party To recreate the hairstyle, first, blow-dry hair with a volumizing gel. Create a side part about two inches deep, tease the crown, and brush hair into a low ponytail using a boar-bristle brush. Once the ponytail is secured with elastic, separate it into three sections, gently back-comb each one. Wrap hair in a loose bun, roll it up toward the elastic and pin it into place. Set with  to add that extra bit of glam to your hair.


    2. Messy Fishtail

It is fierce on the sides, messy on the top and textured all over. With this look, it is proved that a fishtail braid needn’t be super-sleek and shiny to look great. This braided hairstyle works well with wavy or curly hair, and you can recreate this look by applying some of the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum on your damp hair. Now, French plait the hair until you reach your neck. Start a fishtail plait, and then secure with elastic. Gently pull the plait apart for a frizzy look allowing a few pieces of hair to fall around the front of your face.


    3. Fringe and Curls

The hairstyle frames the face in an extremely flattering way, and it is easy to create with almost any kind of hair, whether yours is fine and stick-straight or naturally wavy. This is one of the chicest party hairstyles for long hair. You can achieve this look with the help of this will change up your look instantly for easy to attach and commitment-free hair.


      4. Side Swept Look

For that absolute diva look, try to recreate this alluring hairstyle. Start by spraying some of them and then blow dry hair in sections, then curl it around a large brush. Create a deep side part. Then, using a curling iron, curl two-inch sections of hair away from the face. Use fingers to break up the curls, and voila! There you have it, a side-swept look like no other!


    5. Bouffant Ponytail

Is there anything sexier than that bouffant ponytail, especially when paired with a smoky eye? Many celebrities have worn this ponytail like this multiple times, emphasizing their hair structure. To achieve this look, all you have to do is pull back a top section of hair from your crown and backcomb using a soft teasing comb. Brush your hair back to cover the teased sections and create that bouffant. Secure your hair into a ponytail and spritz a bit of to keep your hair from unraveling.


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