Easy To Do Hairstyles With BBLUNT By Love And Other Bugs

Love and other Bugs decodes glamorous hairstyles using our BBLUNT styling range of products. Take a look below and be amazed! This wedding season, BBLUNT has come up with some amazing products to style, protect and glamorize your hair. In easy steps, I have used the products BBLUNT High Definition Curl, Curl-Defining Leave-In Cream, BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish and BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream for the perfect hairstyles for the summer weddings, without making my hair feel too weighed down. You know you have total control over your tresses with these easy to use products. 3N3A9252 Step 1 Dampen your hair. 3N3A8967 Step 2 Use BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream for smooth hair, nourishment and maximum frizz control on damp towel dried hair. This cream also protects against heat styling damage. 3N3A9259 Step 3 Use BBLUNT High Definition Curl on damp hair and scrunch your hair gently. The curl defining leave in cream enhances curls, waves and also tames frizz. This is specially created for Indian hair and protects from environmental and heat styling damage. 3N3A89743N3A89573N3A8952 Step 4 After you scrunch, section your hair in parts. Twirl your hair and fix them with a clip. Blow dry your hair using a diffuser for five to ten minutes for maximum effect. 3N3A89473N3A90073N3A9016 3N3A89993N3A9011 Step 5 Open your twirled hair that you sectioned and let the curls fall naturally. Then section your hair as desired and make princess or french braids. 3N3A90543N3A9071 Step 6 Round up your hair and fasten your braids like a crown behind. 3N3A90823N3A9085 Step 7 Spray BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish for instant shine to set your hair. This gives a glossy finish, maximum shine with minimum fuss. I am all wedding ready! 3N3A90933N3A9105 3N3A9151 Step 8 For a second look, do a side partition and section your hair and twirl one side. Once done, bring rest of the hair in front for a voluminous look. 3N3A91833N3A91933N3A9235 And voila! You are hair ready in these easy hassle free steps for a perfect wedding look!
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