Easy To Follow Wedding Hair Care Tips For The Monsoon Bride

Your hair care routine is most important when you are about to get married! Massages, buns and lots more help you get through the aisle in the most glamorous way possible. Don’t let the rain get you down, when you have these amazing hair care tips. Easy To Follow Wedding Hair Care Tips For The Monsoon Bride 1. Tie It Up Before you hit the sack, always comb your hair out and tie it up in a bun or braid it up. Don’t tie your hair too tight as that will eventually cause breakage. This will make sure your hair does not get knotted in the night, saving you tons of time in the morning to groom your hair. 2. Alternative Routine If you don’t want to tie your hair up, wrap your mane with a silk or satin scarf and cover your hair completely with it. This will cause no hair damage due to the softness of the fabric. Bid goodbye to those knots and say hello to glamorous healthy hair. 3. Drink And Eat For that natural shine and smoothness, make sure you drink tons of water and eat healthy food. Your hair always reflects what your diet. Greens, vitamins and fruits will do wonders to your mane. Try it and see the change! 4. Oil Massage Your hair and scalp need nourishment every day. Take a small amount of an essential hair oil and start massaging your scalp with it. This increases the blood circulation and ultimately fosters more hair growth. The oil will give your hair that shine you want as well as remove the unwanted frizz.
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