Easy Way To Plop Your Curly Hair!

Every curly-haired girl knows the agony of attempting to suppress their envy when girls with straighter hair try out various hairstyles. Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. Your perfect array of curls are no longer a distant dream – with hair plopping! Just follow these easy steps to awe everyone with your bouncy, luminous curls. Easy Way To Plop Your Curly Hair! All You Need Is: • A t-shirt, preferably cotton • A wide toothed comb • Hair care Product Method:                                                                                                                                             1. Shampoo your hair and towel-dry until damp. 2. Apply hair care product – BBLUNT’s High Definition Curl Defining Leave-In Cream is the best option. It gives your curls natural movement and reduces the frizz. 3. De-tangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb carefully and slowly. 4. Lay the t-shirt on the bed. 5. Flip your hair upside down and slowly lower it on the t-shirt. Make sure all the strands are collected in the center. 6. Carefully roll the bottom of your T-shirt towards your forehead and wrap the t-shirt around the nape of your neck. 7. Bring the ends of the t-shirt on top of your head. Make certain you wrap all of your hair and bring down the arms of the shirt towards your nape. 8. Stand upright and lift the arms of the t-shirt around your forehead and tie them in a knot. 9. You can either keep it on for an hour or even the whole night, depending on how curly your hair is. Wake up ready to take the world by storm with your amazing curls!
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