Effortless Wavy Hair Is Just A Step Away

Are gorgeous waves all you can think about? Well, it’s not a secret anymore! Check out these tips below and get those envious waves! Once you know the technique, there’s no going back. Effortless Wavy Hair Is Just A Step Away Take A Look 1. Pin And Curl Shampoo and condition your hair to make it smooth and silky. To naturally curl your hair, pin it up while you hair is still wet and leave it to dry. Once dried, remove the pins and witness natural waves! 2. Hot Rollin’ Another bang on method to get those waves are by using hot rollers on your mane. Leave it on your hair to set for a while. Once set, remove the rollers and loosen your hair with your fingers or a wide tooth comb. 3. Iron Away Section out your hair and use a curling iron to give it that bounce and wave. Wait for a few minutes before you loosen up those curls and voila! Your tousled waves are ready to party. 4. Braidy Bunch You can get those waves without any heat application! Braid your hair up and leave it on overnight. Next morning, loosen your curls and comb it lightly with your finger and use a hairspray to set it on point. 5. Having Bun Yet? No Bun, no fun! Another technique to get effortless waves on that mane. Section your hair and bun up each of them into small buns. Make sure your hair is wet when you bun it up. Once dried, loosen up that bun and you will see those waves unfold.
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