Emmar Events Press Conference Hairstyle Looks

Event Management Firm, Emaar Events hosted their ‘Winter Affair’ press conference launch last week in Pune. The event was attended by the very stylish Archana Kochhar, the beautiful Neha Dhupia and the stunning Zarine Khan. The trio looked fabulous as always, take a look at their hairstyles below. Emmar Events Press Conference Hairstyle Looks Archana Kocchar Style Archana Kochhar’s Twisted Half Bun To get this vintage look with a modern twist, all you have to do is straighten your hair, preferably with a straightening iron and proceed to make the twisted loose waves. Take a section of your hair from the top and make loose braids by twisting strands of your hair and bringing them together to tie a tight half pony. Neha Dupia Style Neha Dhupia’s Natural Curls Neha Dhupia’s loose natural hair looked pretty and effortless. To get this look, simply ask your hairstylist for a natural blow-dry and section a part of your hair in the front. Scrunch up the ends to get those natural looking curls to add a bit of drama to your look.  Zarine Khan Style Zarine Khan’s Pin Straight Look Zarine Khan’s look is simple but looks great! Start by a hair wash and proceed to dry your hair with a hairdryer on medium heat along with a round brush. Once your hair is dry, use a straightener to get this straight sleek look!
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