4 Things You Need When Travelling To The Himalayas

Got a beautiful summer holiday planned up in the snowcapped mountains this year to get away from the heat and humidity? Well, cold and dry weather comes with their own set of challenges, and you don’t want your hair to suffer during your mini-vacation. It’s not just about the gram – you need to take good care of your hair or else post-vacation nostalgia won’t be the only thing making you cry when you return home. Following a hair care regime on-the-go has never been easier. Just pack these 4 essential items into your bag, and you’ll get salon-like care wherever you go. 1. The Right Shampoo It’s important to use the right kind of shampoo, keeping in mind the extreme weather you’ll be in. For dry weather at a high altitude, you need something that can keep your scalp nourished and moisturized for long. Snowflakes are the only thing you want sticking to your clothes, right? So use the BBLUNT Mini  Intense Moisture Shampoo and give your hair all the moisture it needs. The little tube will be easy to carry without any added stress about leaks and spills. It’s made for safe travels, and safer hair. 2. The Complementary Conditioner We all know the golden rule. Never leave your hair shampooed without following it up with a conditioner. Not even when you’re trying to pack light. Conditioner is a must-have item on your list, and the BBLUNT Mini Intense Moisture Conditioner is made just for those minimalist packers who avoid carrying too much weight. Conditioning your hair becomes even more essential when you’re in that dry, cold weather, so don’t forget to pack your mini. 3. Some Extra Protection To keep the frizz out of your hair and to make sure tat you have smooth and manageable hair, we suggest you to give your hair some extra protection after the hair wash. Apply the BBLUNT Intense Moisture Hair Serum to your damp hair and keep your hair well moisturized and hydrated. Follow this regime and your hair will enjoy the frozen wonderland just as much as you will. 4. The Trekker’s Trick We understand that you want to spend more time outside, enjoying the scenic beauty of the Himalayas, than in the shower, worrying about your hair while freezing. If you’re going for a week-long trip, all you need is the BBLUNT Mini Back To Life Dry Shampoo to keep your hair fresh and dirt-free so that you’re free to enjoy your time with the nature without any extra headaches. For a longer trip, just shampoo your hair once in the week and then use the dry shampoo for the rest of the days to keep the grease at bay. You’re all set for your big holiday now! The BBLUNT Mini kit is all you need to keep the hair tamed as you go wild. Need more hair care tips? Find out How To Minimize Dryness.
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