Essential Tips For Monsoon Hair Care

Are you dancing in the rain with joy? Monsoons have finally hit and gave us a pleasant surprise! While monsoon is all about fun and enjoying every bit in the rains but it also affects your hair. Yes, you read that right! Due to the humidity in the atmosphere, a lot of sweat gets accumulated in your hair. This sweat leads to hair fall, hair damage and a lot of hair problems. Have you been worried about your hair during the monsoons? We’ve got the perfect hair care routine for you to follow during the monsoon. Read on to get your hands on the most awaited haircare routines ever!

1. Keep Your Hair Dry

The monsoon makes your hair limp, lusterless, frizzy and heavy. When you get wet in the rain, make sure to dry your hair thoroughly as rain water is dirty and acidic. The rain water can also cause fungal and bacterial infections. So keeping your hair dry in the monsoon is one of the simplest and most effective monsoon hair care tips ever.

2. Don’t Tie Your Hair

Are you habitual to tieing your hair? You might have to drop it, yup! That’s right let’em loose girls. Tieing your hair during monsoon you’re inviting rain water to accumulate in your hair. Which makes it frizzier and limper. To protect your hair from any frizz apply some of the this will give you seamless frizz-free hair in no time. If you still want your hair out of your face you can opt for loose ponytails or buns.

3. Use A Wide Teeth Comb

Wide teeth comb for the win! Wet hair is easily breakable and so to prevent that you should use a wide teeth comb! It not only helps in detangling your hair but it also serves as a great help to spread your conditioner evenly. As compared to wide teeth comb, small teeth combs make your hair break and don’t help in detangling. So, next time you reach out for a brush after a shower after getting wet in the rain, ditch that and grab your hands on the wide teeth comb.

4. Condition The Right Way

So, what is the right way to condition you ask? It is pretty simple, less is more! Avoid using too much of conditioner make sure yo use a pea size amount. Along with less conditioner, it is also important to apply it to the right spot! You should ideally apply conditioner only to the ends and lengths of your hair. This will make your ends softer and shinier. As it is important to condition the right way, it is also important to use the right conditioner. You can opt from the range of BBLUNT Conditioners which suits your hair type.

5. Eat The Right Way

We know it’s monsoon and you can crave for junk food but be careful it might affect your hair! Yeah, eating unhealthy or junk food can result in affecting the quality of your hair, and we don’t want that, right girls? To strengthen your hair, you must eat foods that are rich in protein, iron and omega 3. Eating right plays a very crucial role in maintaining the quality of your hair. Get some healthy food in your tummy to achieve that extra shiny and healthy hair. Dammn easy right? Follow these tips during the monsoon to have a good hair day every day! Craving for more hair care routines? Check out Monsoon Friendly Hairstyles For Long Hair!
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