Expert Tips From Hairstylists You Need To Know

Courtesy: This time, it seems that all the girls are in the yard. Our trusted stylists are here to let us in on some of their secret hair tips! With the force on our side, it’s safe to say, ‘So long’ to bad hair days! From hair fall to greasy mane woes and the pesky weather problems, we have got you covered all year long. Read on to find out some expert hair tips for all hairstyles! Expert Tips From Hairstylists You Need To Know 1. Avoid Oil Oil be damned! Our experts choose to recoil from oil. They believe that the aggressive oil remove process weakens the hair strand, reversing the benefit. A good quality shampoo and conditioner will be good enough! 2. Get Playful With Hair Accessories Same old, same old? Feeling bland? Breathe life into your hairstyle with quirky accessories. Hair accessories can complete a look or elevate it, you can make them work however you want! It is a nifty way to make your hair look unique! 3. Control That Hair Fall Get fruity, get juicy, just stay hydrated. Go for foods and fruits that are rich in proteins and remember to regularly massage that scalp! Boosting nutrients and blood flow ensures greater hair retention. A massage a day keeps the doctor away! 4. Frizzling Heat Post Monsoon heat gets our hair frizzling. Hot day today? Sucks to be you, right? Well, not anymore! An easy solution to this problem is the BBLUNT Climate Control Anti-Frizz Leave-In Cream. This cream promises to protect your precious strands from the Indian sun. Searching for hair tips and style inspiration? Adhuna Bhabani Shows You The Perfect Travel Hairstyles In The Hair April 2017 Issue.
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