FashionUFeel Writes About Our Philosophy

Shonima from FashionUFeel writes about us! Check out what she has to say below. Imperfection, they tell you, is not ok. The definition of beauty is skewed. Dark needs to be lightened. Curly needs to be straight. Sizes need to be zeroed down. Lips need to be fuller. Legs need to be longer. Young needs to look younger. Its hard to find yourself in a world so obsessed with perfection, when in reality Imperfection is what defines us. Isn’t it true? We are just so obsessed with wanting to look perfect and be perfect that we forget that our Imperfections make us the person we are and so different from the rest. it actually gives us our identity. Well, at least Bblunt believes that the only person you need to look like is YOU. If you are living in Mumbai and haven’t heard about Bblunt then you sure must be living under a Rock cos when it comes to hair & Styling, the first name that comes to mind is Bblunt. Adhuna Akhtar created a hair revolution of sorts after the release of cult movie Dil Chahata Hai. That movie changed so many things in Hindi Film Industry and one such thing was the Hair. The world sat up to take notice of this new gen hair stylist & thus emerged Bblunt. So when Bblunt keeps an event you just have to be there even for someone like me who hardly attends any. One of the major draws was the launch of their Hair Care products that are now also available on Amazon India. Bblunt has launched some really incredible hair styling and hair care products, all designed for Indian hair & weather cos they understand our Imperfections well. There is a range of products for Prep, Styling & Transforming. Each suited for your hair type. Now I for sure would trust them to know their stuff very well. I have personally been using their Shampoo & conditioner for Normal to Dry hair and I am perfectly happy with the results. I like to leave my hair just like that after a wash & towel dry. It falls just the way I want it to. Incredible!! Incase you are wondering where to buy them from, Relax do not sweat you could just pick up these or many other beauty products now on Amazon India. It was a perfect evening with some of my Blogger friends at Bblunt salon with the entire team including the celebrity hairstylist Avan Contractor and the fabulous people from Amazon team. Lots of chatter, appetising treats, mocktails with some fabulous hair styling techniques, discussions and makeover under the keen eyes of Avan. What more could a girl want!! Leaving you with some pictures… FUF Bblunt 1 FUF Bblunt 3 Check out the rest of the article here.
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